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Meet the 3 “gals” of visual-kei, God's Scarlett!

Yokohama, Japan — February 15th, 2012 — HearJapan is back with a new, more powerful site and an exclusive (and crazy) new release!

Long time fans know that HearJapan is committed to bringing the cutting-edge sight and sound of visual-kei to the wider world. Weather it’s baroque gloom and doom or modern-day outrageous styling, visual shock reigns supreme over the HearJapan library.

That tradition continues with the hot new “gal” trio of God's Scarlett. These girls bring a stunning style and a very creepy, eerie sound to their brand of dark rock and metal. They are making their debut exclusively on HearJapan with their full-length release Merry Gloxinia.

More vis-kei will be appearing at a rapid pace as the new site becomes fully operational. Head over now and give God's Scarlett a test run. You can hear clips from the entire album, get an up close and personal look at them in the image gallery and feast your eyes on their videos. You can buy the entire album right now for the shockingly low price of 760 Yen ($9.69)!

If you don’t know what a “gal” is, take a look at them now at HearJapan!



Merry Gloxinia album

God’s Scarlett profile

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