yukichannel (yukichannel) wrote in canada_jrock,

looking for jrock/vk inspired band Toronto Ontario Canada

Hey there all, I was wondering if anyone was interested in being in a VK/jrock-esque inspired band.

So far all we are is a guitarist, bassist and a singer [female lead] and are looking for mainly a drummer so we can start out, but would also welcome a pianist/keyboardist

We have readily available supplies such as guitar amps and a drum kit set up [6 piece, 2 crash, splash, hi-hat and ride cymbals]

My inspiration comes mostly from bands such as D'espairsRay, Versailles, Dir En Grey, The Gazette and Deluhi, as well as other kinds of metal and neoclassical mix.

we are located in toronto and if you would like an example of anything thats been written so far just contact me and you shall recieve ^^
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