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A long time coming

Hello everyone!
The last update this community received from anyone was over a year and from myself or any other mods... I can't even say.
However, I still think rather fondly of the people here and am glad to have had the chance to meet with a good number of you and remain friends with a small sum of community members as well.

But where to go from here?

Livejournal itself is a dying community. It's attempts to stay relevant in the face of other merging online communities hasn't gone so well, obviously.

To be completely honest, Jrock and Japanese culture as a whole is no longer a huge thing in my life as it was years ago as a teen when I started participating in the community (nearly 8-9 years ago?!). While I do still want to see some life pumped in here, I'm not sure where to go.

Are there any users still here that would be interested in taking on a moderator role to help revitalize the community?
I'm not even sure what's going on in the Jrock world much anymore to make good suggestions on what we could do. Do bands come to Canada anymore? Are there cover bands that still play at anime conventions?
Does the community need a more steady flow of general information relating to various band activities as a whole?? If so, is there anyone here that is still keeping up on that sort of information?

I'm not too keen on the suggestion of just laying the community down for good, but I realize that is also a very possible option.

Anyway, for the few members that may still be present I would be very much interested in hearing what you have to say regarding the future of the community. I hope there's a few of you out there still.

Kaoru (Dir en grey) art // anyone want it? (especially Tdot)

Hi everyone, I have an old art piece that I did of Kaoru of Dir en grey long ago. I'm not sure where else I can post about this, anyone know where else I can post this?

Because it is so large it would be inconvenient for me to sell it online, I would rather give it to someone in Toronto. Is anyone interested or know anyone who is?

It is 3'/36"/92cm by 2'/24"/61cm

The arm and the guitar bottom are sticking out a bit, kinda like the doll in the frame painting Phoebe had in 'Friends' heh.

Here's a photo: Kaoru painting

Cherche Musiciens montreal ou rive nord

Jaimerais partir un groupe a influences multiples du genre dir en grey the gazette et du jrock je suis guitarist depuis 7 - 8 ans , je suis pas super pour le lead mais je compose en fou , jai de l'experience en programmation et enregistrement maison avec cubase abbleton  et fruity loops , si ca vous dit de quoi parlez m'ens ! 

jrock/jpop band

Hi! I'm a guitarist in the GTA and looking to join/create a jrock/jpop band. I've been playing guitar for 10 years, but have been on/off within those 10 years. I've also played piano for 7 years, but haven't touched the piano for the longest time. Haven't played music in a while, but would like to get into playing music again, with my interest in jpop/jrock.

Reply/Message if interested!


Visual Kei Fashion Show

If anyone is going to Anime North, I would really love to get more participants for the Visual Kei and Jrock Fashion show on Sunday!!
It's from 2-4pm in the main ballroom, and we really need more people ^^;
If youre interested, just shoot me a quick note via pm on here or you can email me at 382myb(at)gmail(dot)com!

Thanks very much, hope to see you all there!

-Gen Ishihara
FAKE? Ken Black
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Not Sure if this is allowed...

.. but I use to run an irc channel pretty much dedicated to Jrock and Jmusic. I was also a moderator over at Tonberry Torrents. If any of you are interested. I share a LOT of music and concerts there and would like an active channel again after 8 years. If you are interested please join us at #Jrock @

Thanks. I apologize if this isn't allowed.