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Canada Jrock

Canadian Jrock fans

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Jrock, pop and everything else with the Japanese music scene and Canadian fans

That's right! A community for Canadian Jrock fans! What makes this community awesome
and why should you join it?! Because being Canadian makes you awesome and liking Jrock
makes you even more awesome O_O Thus making every member of this community... Really
freakin' awesome! *dodges bullets*

I'd like to point out that despite the community being called Canada JROCK that
this is a community that welcomes fans of other Japanese music genres as well.
Pop, jazz, metal, VK, techno.... you're ALL WELCOME.

So, don't feel hesitant to join even if you're not a big rock fan ^^;

That aside let's lay the smack down on them rules, 'aight?!

1. This is not a sale commmunity. In the past posts with sales for Japanese CDs and
whatnot have been allowed but that's no longer the case. There are plenty of places
for you to sell your stuff on LJ already. Please use those places and not here.
-resale of concert tickets is the only exception
or requesting to purchase a spare ticket-
canada_jrock is NOT responsible for any sales transactions
between individual members. If you have an issue with a member not paying you
or giving the item you purchased, you must take it up with that member/user.
2. Be kind! While we've had no problems with any members yet we'd like it to stay that
way. A peaceful community is an awesome community :D
3. Promotion is allowed but please keep any large image banners behind a cut ^.^; If
it exceeds a width of 500 pixles please use a cut <3
4. Do not spam the community. OK, we all get excited, but no one wants to see the same post
about something a million times, right? ^^; If you find someone has already made
a post similar to the one you want to make, just reply there (unless that post is a week+ old)
5. English. I'm going to make the assumption we've all gone to, or are currently attending
school. English loves you; love it back. ;_; ♥?
(French is also accepted and loved♥, however, keep in mind that many of the community
members speak English as their first language)

That's about it for main rules. XD; Pretty easy to follow, yeah?

Now this isn't so much a rule but it's
HIGHLY recommended: an introduction post!
In this post I would please, please, please ask you to tell us what province/territory
you're from. Why? There's a huge list that has been compiled stating from what parts of
this wonderous country each member is from. This is so that if people are interested in
finding fans close to them they won't have to search the entire member list to find
someone XD; And maybe just for curiosity's sake post where you heard about the community?

What else should you know? We hold contests every so often to keep the community
interaction up ^^; Nothing sucks more than having a large community and it being
completely dead! These contests could be for various things such as a new layout,
community icons or even making promotion banners that all the members could use ^.^

Now you're probably wondering something along the lines of
"Are there any fans near me!?"
And for your convenience
the list of where each member comes from can be found ☆HERE☆.
Neat, huh? Please check there before making a post asking if there are any fans in your
area ^^; While not everyone has a city listed atleast you'll be able to narrow it down
by province atleast XD;
delirious_asian was also very nice to compile a list of
places in Toronto to shop for Jrock goodies!
Take a look, eh? ^^

Ah! What about who runs this community you ask!? Well...

Our lovely community creator, who sadly went on an LJ hiatus
a few years ago and has yet to return:

And the co-mods who have pretty much taken up
the community entirely since the founder went MIA:

Feel free to bug either one of us if you're having problems or would like to suggest
something to make this community even more awesome 8D!
Drop a line at either of our Lj-inboxes.

★☆★____banner contest winners____★☆★
1st. hakanakutomo
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
2nd. nightrays
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
3rd. xxxuta
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Honerable mention: p4p3rd0ll
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Good job everyone! ^.^
Please feel free to use these banners to promote in other communities or for your own journal info!


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